Nassau County Divorce LawyersEstate Planning AttorneysReal Estate and Civil Litigation

Nassau County Divorce Lawyers

We represent clients to the fullest extent and attempt to settle all matters without judicial intervention

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Estate Planning Attorneys

We spend a lifetime accumulating assets and it is imperative that we plan for our loved ones.

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Real Estate and Civil Litigation

We can represent you in the sale or purchase of your home. Additionally, we aggressively represent our clients in Civil Litigation

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Corporate Law

Incorporation:  There are many advantages to incorporating your business.  It can be an important step in insulating your personal property and assets from your business.   Alternatives to a traditional corporation are Limited Liability Companies.

General Counsel: Thomas Tyrrell serves as general counsel for corporation, his services run from low profile cases, employment law cases, and general legal needs within the corporation.

Quinn & Tyrrell is a full-service Long Island law firm, our corporate law services can assist you in incorporation, and in legal representation