Why draft a will with a lawyer

Why draft a will with a lawyer?

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Why draft a will with a lawyer?

Your Last will and Testament is a sacred document. It contains all of your wishes. A will can be characterized as a set of instructions for your executor upon your death. It contains a list of beneficiaries, designating who will get certain assets or tangible property. It is important that the language is precise in describing property, and designating beneficiaries.

A true benefit to drafting a will with a lawyer:

When your will is drafted by a lawyer, and the execution of the will is supervised by a lawyer, it is presumed to have been executed properly, and in accordance with New York Law. This is an extremely important presumption, which could ultimately defeat a contestant to your will.

Other benefits to using a lawyer for estate planning:

Other than a will, there are important documents that should additionally be executed when considering planning.

  1. A Healthcare Proxy: Designating someone as your agent if you were to become incompetent and/or unable to make your own healthcare decisions
  2. Durable Power of Attorney: Designating someone as your agent to act on your behalf, even if you were to become incompetent
  3. Living Will: This document compliments the healthcare proxy in giving a list of instructions regarding your healthcare decisions
  4. Living Trusts: Depending on your wishes, a living trust could be highly beneficial.

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